The birth of Young Fighters

I started to create and write the story of Young Fighters in June 2004. At the time I was eleven years old and I didn't have an hunch how much my life would be changed by writing. I had been dreaming about writing a book since I was eight and I knew I would do it some day – but what I really didn't know was how quickly I would start to write and that first a small idea would grow so fast to a bigger story. Soon I started to create a long series of books and discovered that the secrets of Young Fighters would reach beyond decades.  

I remember brightly the day when the first pieces of the story snapped in the right places. I was on holiday with my mom in Crete, it was Wednesday and the clock was ticking few minutes after 11 a.m. According to my memories, it was third day of our trip and I was yearning to write something.  

Eventually my burning desire to write lead to the point where I could see the protagonist of the story, Amy, in my mind. The name just came to my mind without having any big sessions with my brains. It was the right name for this character and it was also obvious for me that she would be American. So the most of the story would be placed in the United States. I know it is an unusual choice for a book that will be written by a Finnish girl, but there is many good reasons to do it. The main reason was that a story like Young Fighters could never happen in Finland -  I guess it wouldn't be that credible.

Soon you'll undestand, why.

I took a note book and started to develop the character of Amy. I used her as a narrator and wrote short texts from her view. I got some inspiration from myself: the colour of the hair, the clothes Amy likes to wear, hobbies, part of personality... Amy is quite different from me after all. It's important to remember that she reminds others of me but is not me. I think it's easier to write about the character you've made up totally yourself when the protagonist has something familiar to writer. I think that's the reason why many writers get inspiration from their own personality.

After Amy I discovered her friends and some other people who are important to her. In Crete I got an idea of a big family that has a place in Amy's heart. In the summer I wrote a lot and made plans for the plot. I wanted to create something different, something interesting and new. Piece by piece the heart of the story came to my mind.

This is Young Fighters about:

Amy's life changes when she gets an inheritance from her grandfather. Her grandfather left her a mysterious, powerful computer chip and now Amy should keep it safe. Meaning of the chip is to protect US from terrorism and every kind of criminality. The chip is chased by unknown criminal organization which does everything to take Amy and her friends out of the way. The leader of the organization wants to use the chip to achieve his goals that will be told in the books. Amy has to confront many dangers with her friends when finding the truth of the chip and the answers to her questions. She has to rebuild her life and find the people who helped to make the chip. Only they can tell how the chip works and what kind of secrets are hidden in it. There are also few romances in the first book - and of course conflicts between the characters.

What is Amy's destiny? What happens to the computer chip? Who wins? 

Read my blog and find out!


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